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Danish Easter Traditions

by Bjoerg Larsen April 14, 2017


I love Easter. Actually, I love ever single holiday of they year, I mean who doesn’t? It gives you an excuse to celebrate and usually involves family time and a lot of good food :-)


This year we have family from Denmark visiting and will make sure to have a traditional Danish Easter lunch. This is typically a time where family and friends will meet and enjoy a really good meal - yum! It’s kind of like our traditional Christmas lunches meaning that we have a lot of fish (including pickled herring - double yum!) and end off with meat courses. Around Easter time lamb and eggs play a big role. We will have ours this coming Sunday and I can’t wait! :-)


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Another common Danish tradition is something called ‘gækkebreve’ (fool’s letters). It’s more common for kids than for adults and they are basically paper cut-outs where you write a little poem and send them to a friend or family member but you only sign your name in dots. If the receiver doesn’t guess who sent the letter (within a certain time), the receiver will owe the sender a chocolate egg. Which brings us to another Danish tradition… Chocolate eggs! During Easter time chocolate eggs are used for hostess gifts but also for Easter egg hunts which are the best. When my sister and I were younger our parents would hide Easter eggs all over the house and when we got up in the morning the hunt began. It was so much fun!


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The last thing we always did at our house was to paint our own Easter eggs. We would poke two small holes in an egg, blow out the egg whites and yolk, paint them and hang them all over the house. A really fun activity :-)


I hope you have a very happy Easter! And don’t forget our Easter Sale on all products in the accessories category. Get 20% off with coupon code HAPPYEASTER (valid until 04/16/2017). 

Bjoerg Larsen
Bjoerg Larsen


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