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Hygge in the Summer Time

by Bjoerg Larsen May 11, 2017

Many people think that Hygge means candles, dim light and tea.. It is true that those are elements of hygge, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find hygge during the long, warm, sunny summers! Hygge is so much more...


Hygge in the summer time

Photo from Instagram @kjerstingigi


The summer is the perfect time to light a bonfire (be careful not to burn yourself though!) and sit outside with friends, enjoy the weather and the long summer evenings. Or… pack for a picnic.. Make some light sandwiches, cool drinks, pack a blanket and head to the nearest park or beach. Summer time is the time to hygge outside with your friends and family :-) 


Hygge summer denmark

Photo from Instagram @kjerstingigi 


Because of the weather in Denmark during the winter (=cold and dark) we take advantage of every little bit of sunlight and warmth we can get during the summer. And as we loooove to hygge, that means that we move the hygge activities outside as well. If you go to Denmark in the summer time that’s one of the reasons why you will see people on the cities gather in public parks, beaches, woods etc. Everyone is smiling, having a good time. The beauty of hygge in the summer time is that everyone can do it! So get your things ready for a picnic, a barbecue with friends (bring some lanterns to light when it starts to get dark), rent a boat or canoe (don’t forget your life jacket!) explore nature and bring lunch afterwards. Take your kids to your local farmer and pick your own strawberries or raspberries, bake a cake when you get home and enjoy it with your family - a full day of hygge! Or simply just sit down and listen to the birds in your backyard while reading a book. That’s what hygge is all about!


Enjoy and have a happy summer!

Bjoerg Larsen
Bjoerg Larsen


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