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The Beauty of Vases

by Bjoerg Larsen February 01, 2017

I absolutely LOVE vases! I’m not sure when it all started, but vases have so much potential to spread joy and happiness. And the expression of a vase can changes significantly depending on what flowers you put in it, where you place it in your house and what other vases you arrange it with. Think about it... You give flowers to make other people happy.. What’s going to make them even more happy is to admire the flowers in a beautiful vase :-)

This is also why I’m so excited that we now have the Lyngby Porcelain glass vase in Copenhagen green in store :-)

It’s the ultimate example of contemporary, Scandinavian design combined with beautiful color. The fluted shapes and elegant simplicity was ahead of its time when it was first released in 1936.

The shape and color of this vase complements more or less all types and colors of flowers. When light shines through the vase you will see how it changes its expression. Personally I love filling my Copenhagen green vase with white flowers :-) With its modern and unique aesthetic it’s a must have for every Scandinavian home! Check it out here :-)


Bjoerg Larsen
Bjoerg Larsen


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