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The Beginning Of NORSE DECOR

by Bjoerg Larsen January 27, 2017


I did it. I’ve finally made my dream come true: to share my passion for Scandinavian design with you all!

When my husband and I moved to the US a little more than 3 years ago, we came here with a total of 5 suitcases... Yes, that was all! We had to start from scratch and build our Scandinavian home in the US. It was a super fun process, but we soon came to realize that finding the Scandinavian home decor that we wanted was harder than we had thought it would be. That's when I decided to turn my passion into an online store - and NORSE DECOR came to life :-)

My number one goal with NORSE DECOR is to give everyone easy access to affordable, modern, Scandinavian home decor.

I’m so excited to share my journey and my passion for Scandinavian home decor with you! And remember... Always follow your dreams!



Bjoerg Larsen
Bjoerg Larsen


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