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IQ Baby Bimble - Red

The Hoptimist is classic Danish design produced in Denmark. The Hoptimist always smiles at you and brings smiles to people's faces. Give the Hoptimist a slight tab to get the figure bouncing up and down and enjoy that it always smiles back at you. The Hoptimist brings joy, energy and a belief that anything is possible - the perfect Scandinavian touch to add to any home. 


After years of studying, you've finally graduated, and we want to celebrate that with you! The Graduation Hoptimists share this happiness, and their small indomitable bounces will forever remind the graduate to keep his or her optimistic faith in the future. It's excellent gift idea that will make everyone - especially the graduate - very happy! 


Color: Lime/Black

Size: Height 7cm (2.76 inches)


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